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Extra Volunteers Needed

The show team will be traveling for their final show this year at the World Congress Show in Ohio.

We have a need for additional arena help the following days:

Thursday, Oct. 6 thru Tuesday, Oct. 11

Please let us know if you can help

As the weather is changing please remember to dress in layers as temperatures change in the barn throughout the day

The PFP Riders need YOU

Help feed the therapists!

YOU are helping the PFP Riders feed their therapists! We are making progress, but we still have a long way to go.

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What we offer

Partners for Progress NFP, is a goal-based therapeutic riding program. 

We specialize in the delivery of safe and effective intervention, through the use of skilled therapies and equine programs. A therapeutic evaluation and/or assessment is provided to effectively determine each client’s specific needs and best-fit program.

 Once determined, we establish goals and measure progress toward achieving them.

Partners For Progress (PFP) provides the highest quality of care, standing behind our 3Q service delivery -

 Quality Horse, Quality Program, Quality of Life. Learn more about our 3Q service delivery under the About PFP tab above.

Client therapies involve riding our specially trained horses. Horseback riding gently and rhythmically moves the body

 in a manner similar to the walking gait of a human. The horse’s complex series of movements uses all the rider’s body muscles,

 increasing his or her strength, balance and muscle control.

Therapeutic Power Hour

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Direct Treatment

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Heroes on Horses

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Therapeutic Sports Riding

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Occupational Life Skills

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Hear Personal Stories From Our Clients 

Goal Based Therapy

Adaptive Therapy